The Company

The company Allways Puglia, developed from an idea to revolutionize the traditional concept of the ‘tour operator’ and give tourists a completely different experience during their stay in Puglia.

The use of low-impact, electrical vehicles allows us to safeguard our environment and in addition we are able to address mobility issues and social inclusion. Allways Puglia organises interesting itineraries using Segway, e-Bike, Rickshaw, Mini golf cart, Golf cart, Ape car (Tuk tuk) and Mini van, adding to the tour of Alberobello, wine and food experiences such as: visits to traditional,

Apulian ‘masseria’ farmhouses; tastings in local wineries; wine and food tours; picnic activities in the unspoilt countryside; cooking classes; cheese-making demonstrations and guided tours of surrounding towns.

The use of electric transport makes it possible for everybody to experience Apulia, no matter their level of fitness, in an alternative, fun and eco-sustainable way.

The assisted pedal-power of the electric bicycle and Segway and Golf cart enables those with lower fitness levels to cover greater distances than would be possible with a traditional bicycle.

The guided tours are given in the following languages: Italian, English, French, and Spanish.