Between Alberobello’s trulli with Segway

Between Alberobello’s trulli with Segway

We are thrilled that the UNESCO SITE JOURNAL website is talking about Allways Puglia!
We are honoured to have had glowing reviews of our Segway tours from such an important organization. We’re obviously heading in the right direction!

We have included here an extract of the article; the full version can be read at the following link:

People often complain about the lack of initiative amongst the younger generations (the Italian minister Fornero famously used the adjective ‘choosy’ to describe the younger generation), but Francesco Console, a young Apulian, has shown entrepreneurial spirit by mixing the old with the modern and local traditions with new technologies. He has married the concept of the traditional tour operator with an innovative and creative approach, using low-impact transport. Segway, electric bicycles or scooters are equally suitable for the elderly or disabled. Francesco Console’s Allways Puglia company offers itineraries linked to tours of Alberobello, which also include traditional wine and food experiences: demonstrations of traditional pasta making in ‘masserie’ farmhouses; picnics consisting of local specialties in the surrounding countryside and tours with tastings in creameries, olive oil mills, wineries and vineyards.

Francesco Console

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